What to think about in a quality Youth Program

Use our Program Finder to discover afterschool and summer programs that match your child’s interests and your schedule. Providers do their best to ensure high-quality programs, but we recommend you ask them a few questions to make sure it is a good fit for your child.

What to Look For

Is the physical environment clean? Does it have adequate facilities for basic needs (water, restrooms, etc.)?

Are there positive relationships between staff and youth that include everyone knowing each other’s names?

Are activities focused on learning and building skills in a fun, active way that youth will enjoy?

What to Ask


What safety and security measures do you have in place?

What is the adult-to-youth ratio? Ideally there is one adult per 12 or fewer youth.

Do you serve healthy meals and/or snacks with fruits and vegetables?


Do you have an anti-bullying and anti-discrimination policy?

How can I be involved as a parent/caregiver?

How do you communicate important information to parents and families?


What will my kids learn in this program?

How do the adults engage youth with different learning styles and interests? Do youth get a choice in activities?

Do they get to plan or lead activities themselves?

What kind of training do staff receive for this program?

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