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Why Youth Programs Matter

Afterschool and summer programming lifts up the skills youth need to succeed in school, careers, and in life. It gives children and youth opportunities to:

Spark a new interest

in robotics or music

Offer youth-centered space

and sense of belonging

Build academic motivation

and social-emotional skills

Be in a safe place

while parents are at work

Get connected

to caring adults

Skills Improvement

Youth increased their skills by participating in Detroit youth development programs, according to YDRC research.


  • 56% 56%

56% of students improved relationships with peers and adults. 


  • 73% 73%

73% of students improved academic motivation, interesting in learning, critical thinking, and school bonding.


  • 72% 72%

73% of students improved academic motivation, interesting in learning, critical thinking, and school bonding.


  • 71% 71%

71% of students improved perseverance, assertiveness, action orientation, reflection, optimism, empathy, trust, and emotion control.

What to Look For in a quality program

Is the physical environment clean? Does it have adequate facilities for basic needs (water, restrooms, etc.)?

Are there positive relationships between staff and youth that include everyone knowing each other’s names?

Are activities focused on learning and building skills in a fun, active way that youth will enjoy?

Highlighted Programs

Learn more about afterschool programming options.

Fine Arts, Crafts and Performance

Fine Arts, Crafts and Performance

As young people are developing their identity, arts programs provide a wonderful vehicle for self-exploration. “Art is a great channel for kids to express their emotions and uncover who they are,” says Sara Plachta Elliott, Ph.D., executive director of the Youth...

Sports, Recreation and Wellness

Sports, Recreation and Wellness

Research shows that active children go on to live happier, healthier and more successful lives, according to Project Play. Sports and recreation activities offer youth opportunities to develop self-esteem, have leadership opportunities, and build strong relationships...



It might not surprise you that the fastest-growing percentage of high-paying jobs are in the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields. These days, jobs you might never expect are requiring STEM skills—like coding—so children who are getting a...

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Early Childhood

Find parenting resources to help your child establish a foundation for lifelong learning.


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